MPG’s 6th Birthday Milonga w/Melbourne Tango Orchestra

If you did not make it to our birthday celebration, we had a great night.
Melbourne Tango Orchestra lured us onto dance floor half way through the night and our DJ Leonel Tango did an amazing job in transitioning from live music to continue on with the night. His play list for all of the event was just great, more than worthy our celebration.
We were joined not by one but 3 ambassadors – Argentina, Guatemala and Paraguay as well as a member of Victorian parliament. It was lovely to get this recognition for MPG and Melbourne tango community at large. All the dignitaries loved the night and enjoyed the warm, happy and inviting atmosphere which in itself is a kudos for our group and our passion.
We also had pleasure of the company of Anabella Diaz-Hojman and Ezekiel Farfaro, it was lovely to see Anabella back in our midst.
Many of you, to my knowledge are not on FB, so here are couple of snippets from the night


MPG in 2017

The 12 months in 2017 flew by as MPG continued to be busy with providing opportunities to our members and the broader tango community.

The year started with Australian Day milonga @ Buxton Hall. as well as back to back milongas at Bella Union.

After taking a short break we returned with Practicas in February and continued to provide these free to our MPG members.

In March we hosted our first international teacher for 2017 – Murat Erdemsel. This was his 2nd visit to Melbourne and many were looking forward to revisit his style of teaching. All went well and culminated with a Gala Milonga @ Buxton Hall.

Not long after, end of May, we celebrated our 5th Birthday with some cake, bubbly and lots of good tango at Buxton Hall.

Our AGM took place on 2nd of July 2017 with a renewed committee standing in.

July proved to be a extra busy month as we hosted Los Totis – Virginia Gomez and Christian Marquez. They stayed with us for 6 wonderful days. Their workshops were full and included people joining us from interstate to take opportunity of learning from such wonderful teachers, dancers and people – we all loved having them.

September delivered sad new of our venue for week night milongas – Bella Union – closing down. That meant we had to find a replacement which wasn’t easy as it needed to fill “big shoes”. We finished at Bella Union on the 17th October, many were upset for us to loose this quirky place which found place in all of our tango hearts. By the time we danced the last step of tango here we clocked up 4 continuous years of returning here every second week.

After lot of searching we were able to find new venue for our Tuesday night milongas – The Aegean Restaurant in Fitzroy. Nothing will ever replace Bella Union, but The Aegean has welcomed us on the 31st October with our opening and allowed us to continue the tradition of MPG week night milongas. Slowly and surely many started to accept this new venue.

In November we were able to organise a free workshop for MPG members with visiting Argentinean tango maestro Rodrigo Palacios

Our final event for 2017 was our milonga on the 30th December at Buxton Hall and as usual the venue and the event did not disappoint.

Pictures tell a thousand words and here are some from our journey through 2017



Getting to Know: Twenty Tango Orchestras

Author – David Thomas – published this book in the UK but as tango is universal it should appeal to all us tango addicts.

Be Transported back to the Golden Age of Tango and bring back to life the best loved orchestras of then and now.

Who were the orchestra leaders, the musicians, and the singers that brought us this unique sound and what clues did they leave for us to recognise them?

You are invited inside for a closer embrace with the orchestras and to enrich your own personal tango journey.

From a review by one of our MPG Committee members

It’s good to know where these people come from, they often had hard lives, a lot of them worked as decorators (funny hey!) prior to embarking on tango compositions and gigs. I think it helps us understand the energy and stories they put in their music. 

He’s building a tango music family tree
The major good point is his “Signature sound” section for each orchestra, where the author explains what instrument, say, Lomuto, is adding to his orchestra, for smooth or sharp phrases in the songs, and he’s inviting the reader to listen to some representative songs by the orchestra on Youtube or on his own website, while reading the “Signature sound” section – sometimes listening to one instrument only in the song. 
I think it’s great to develop leaders’ awareness of the music. And it will add value to our Melbourne dance floor.”
We, MPG, have a small number of these books available for purchase at our Practicas (until we run out) at the cost of $ 25.00

Or you can purchase a copy online – 

tango music

MPG IN 2016

Yet another successful year for MPG. now nearing 5 years in existence and continually growing and refining what we can offer the Melbourne tango community.

2016 saw us hosting Maxi Christiani & Karina Colmeiro in March – their first time in Melbourne Their workshops were full, all Private classes were booked out and they treated us to a wonderful performance @ our Gala Milonga, these can be found under our “Video” heading.

In May we celebrated our 4th Birthday with  some birthday cake and champagne to wash it down with 🙂 Fun was had by all.

And before you could know it we had our AGM in July which saw a new line up on the committee

We have

  • President – Jerry Nairn
  • Vice President – Liz Pearse
  • Secretary – Anna Lindstad
  • Treasurer – Aysegul Altug
  • Ordinary Members – Caroline Lafargue & Tristan Adolphe
  • Honorary Member – Eddie Leoni

Nice group of dedicated people ready to work on behalf of our community.

One of the first decisions the newly elected committee made was to extend availability of free Practicas to all MPG members in recognition of their continued support.

MPG hosted Milonga Para Los Ninos in July with the aim of raising funds to provide some basic essentials for underprivileged children in South America. We donated 3 private classes with some of our Melbourne teachers,  we also organized two sponsors providing prizes of tango shoes and clothes. The lucky winners of the 5 prizes were drawn during the milonga and MPG was able to donate $ 2450 to the cause whilst absorbing all running costs.

In August MPG purchased one workshop with an Argentinean visiting teacher – Facundo Gil Jauregui – this was made available to our members free of charge and was very well attended.

Also in August Niki P and her  band of wonderful “helpers” facilitated MPG Tango Bazar for shoes & clothes, with both used and new items on offer.

Towards the end of 2016 we were able to offer a “focus” practica for those keen on perfecting their milonga. This was facilitated by one of MPG members, Jim Hayter, and supported by many.

In December – free outdoor milonga @ the Williamstown Rotunda facilitated by Liz & Tristan. This was family friendly event, really well attended, giving many the opportunity to bring along their children, mingle, dance and enjoy picnic. We were very lucky to have DJ Dimmer to offer his services gratis.

Our final milonga for 2016 – MPG Roaring Twenties Milonga was a “roaring success” – excuse the pun. With the highest number of attendees in our history.

All of our social events – Bella Union milongas and Buxton Hall milongas have shown steady growth and yet keep their unique warmth and friendliness. 

And our foundation event – Practica – continues to attract good number of dancers.

We now look forward to another successful year – 2017 !!

  • Men's Technique workshop with Maxi





MPG Milonga Para Los Niños

MPG has made it a it a “tradition ” to be involved in raising money for worthy causes on a yearly bases.

This year we chose a project that has strong links to our dance – Argentine tango.

The charity, Sociedad Para Los Niños Inc., was formalised by incorporation in Queensland, Australia in 2003.

This is their core value :

It is to directly assist ordinary people who add value to the lives of underprivileged children in South America. With the help of committee members in Argentina and others, we have established a supply chain to see that it happens without waste. To date, tools and goods have been distributed directly to destitute foster homes and locally based individuals who are doing amazing things with minimal resources to improve the lives of children. We have provided basic essentials such as staple food, warm clothing and shoes, bedding, light bulbs and window glass. We also provided cooking equipment, farm tools and gas reticulation for cooking and heating.

To ensure good financial outcome MPG had secured 2 sponsorships –

Tango Moments – Turquoise shoes to the value of $ 250

Regina Clothing – also to the vale of $ 250

We also purchased 3 private lessons with our local teachers – Rina & Nadim Renee & Doni, Marce & Hernan

This gave us in total 5 prizes that were drawn during the second half of the evening.

All running costs of this event were absorbed by MPG and as a result we were able to donate $ 2,400 – not a bad effort.

As well as doing the “right thing” great night was had, here are a few pics


MPG celebrates another birthday

On May 29th 2016 we celebrated our 4th birthday with a milonga @ Buxton Hall.

Many people joined us – some new to tango, some tango “veterans”, some we have not seen for a year or more and all those who have now become our regulars.

Buxton Hall was a great place for this special occasion, we had lovely DJ – Marce and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Yet another attendance record was broken and many, me inclusive, danced their feet off.

The night was very busy and so we had no time to take pics, but here is a link to a short video to give you a tiny glimpse.

As they say – picture paints a thousand words 🙂

We look forward to another successful year.


MPG overview of 2015

Another successful year for MPG, we

  • continue to consolidate our Practicas
  • Bella Union Milongas grew from strength to strength
  • Buxton Hall bi-monthly milongas have become the premier tango events in Melbourne
  • We celebrated our 3rd Birthday in May, who would have thought

As well as our regular events in April 2015 we donated to UNICEF Cyclone Pam Appeal to support the children affected by this natural disaster our Melbourne tango community supported this initiative with strong response.

In June we “purchased” a workshop with Cecilia Gonzales and  Facundo Gil Jauregui which was available to our members at no cost. Many took advantage of this.

In July we introduced the newly elected MPG Committee, this time with 6 members, making the sharing of our commitments and ideas more fun and workload easier.

August saw us hosting Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido who were much appreciated by introducing a more “organic” way of teaching. This was their first time in Melbourne and it was a success for MPG and our members.

We also organized Musicality Workshop with Keith Elshaw who specializes in restoration of tango music from the golden era. His workshop was well attended and very, very interesting. MPG also purchased set of music from Keith to use in our Practicas, and he DJ-ed for us at BU  – lucky us.

The rest of the year continued with our regular events which now mean we have anywhere between 4 to 5 events each month.

New events and hosting are planned for 2016 and we are sure that with your support it will be another successful year.


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