Getting to Know: Twenty Tango Orchestras

Author – David Thomas – published this book in the UK but as tango is universal it should appeal to all us tango addicts.

Be Transported back to the Golden Age of Tango and bring back to life the best loved orchestras of then and now.

Who were the orchestra leaders, the musicians, and the singers that brought us this unique sound and what clues did they leave for us to recognise them?

You are invited inside for a closer embrace with the orchestras and to enrich your own personal tango journey.

From a review by one of our MPG Committee members

It’s good to know where these people come from, they often had hard lives, a lot of them worked as decorators (funny hey!) prior to embarking on tango compositions and gigs. I think it helps us understand the energy and stories they put in their music. 

He’s building a tango music family tree
The major good point is his “Signature sound” section for each orchestra, where the author explains what instrument, say, Lomuto, is adding to his orchestra, for smooth or sharp phrases in the songs, and he’s inviting the reader to listen to some representative songs by the orchestra on Youtube or on his own website, while reading the “Signature sound” section – sometimes listening to one instrument only in the song. 
I think it’s great to develop leaders’ awareness of the music. And it will add value to our Melbourne dance floor.”
We, MPG, have a small number of these books available for purchase at our Practicas (until we run out) at the cost of $ 25.00

Or you can purchase a copy online – 

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