This was our regular bi monthly milonga however it took on an additional and more important role.

We are very lucky to live in this country where if natural disaster strikes us we have the facilities to get up, dust off and rebuild.

Not so with some of our neighbours.Vanuatu was stricken down by Cyclone Pam and without outside help they will not be able to try to regain even the most basic needs for so called “normal life”.

Quote from some of the victims of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu –
“Everything is gone.” 

In one night, Cyclone Pam reduced this Vanuatu village to kindling and mud.

So, how could we help ???? Even in the smallest way ……???

MPG Committee had decided to donate all entry fees from our Buxton Hall milonga on the 29th March to UNICEF Cyclone Pam Appeal.
We – MPG – would absorb the costs of hire, catering and DJ fees.
We had a figure in mind – $ 1,000

The attendance to this milonga was substantial, we could even go as far and say the highest number of people who danced with us at any one time.

The donations by the Melbourne tango community “blew us out of water” AND we had a great night at the same time.

UNICEF donation to Cyclone Pam Appeal

We are humbled by the generosity of the Melbourne tango community and need to say we could not have done it without the help of all our volunteers 🙂

Here are few pictures from the night –


MPG Fundraising Milonga 29th March
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