MPG Milonga Para Los Niños

MPG Milonga Para Los Niños

MPG has made it a it a “tradition ” to be involved in raising money for worthy causes on a yearly bases.

This year we chose a project that has strong links to our dance – Argentine tango.

The charity, Sociedad Para Los Niños Inc., was formalised by incorporation in Queensland, Australia in 2003.

This is their core value :

It is to directly assist ordinary people who add value to the lives of underprivileged children in South America. With the help of committee members in Argentina and others, we have established a supply chain to see that it happens without waste. To date, tools and goods have been distributed directly to destitute foster homes and locally based individuals who are doing amazing things with minimal resources to improve the lives of children. We have provided basic essentials such as staple food, warm clothing and shoes, bedding, light bulbs and window glass. We also provided cooking equipment, farm tools and gas reticulation for cooking and heating.

To ensure good financial outcome MPG had secured 2 sponsorships –

Tango Moments – Turquoise shoes to the value of $ 250

Regina Clothing – also to the vale of $ 250

We also purchased 3 private lessons with our local teachers – Rina & Nadim Renee & Doni, Marce & Hernan

This gave us in total 5 prizes that were drawn during the second half of the evening.

All running costs of this event were absorbed by MPG and as a result we were able to donate $ 2,400 – not a bad effort.

As well as doing the “right thing” great night was had, here are a few pics


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