MPG wrap-up on DJ Tango Forum and MPG 1st Birthday Milonga

MPG wrap-up on DJ Tango Forum and MPG 1st Birthday Milonga

We had a very successful DJ Forum which we organized in conjunction with Melbourne Tango.

Our thanks go to the DJ Panel – Nadim, Jarny, Niki & Hernan and of course our facilitator or MC – Dan. Yuri for bring along her bandoneon and sharing some  of her knowledge. I personally never realized, firstly that there are so many buttons and secondly the number of permutations these deliver – our “hat off to you Yuri” for taking this on!!

The feedback we received was that those attending would like to do this again
and perhaps broaden or minimize the concept.  Let us know your thoughts – HOW –
WHEN – AND WHAT TO INCLUDE!!! We shall also put our heads together and with your
input could deliver another good event.

Our next BIG EVENT – our 1st Birthday Milonga on the 26th May – that is this Sunday coming.

Starting at 7. 30 – 11.45 @ Oakleigh Hall . 142 – 144  Drummond Street , Oakleigh

more details – ai1ec_event/mpg-1st-birthday- milonga/?instance_id=16724

With the event around the corner all preparations are being finalized. We have an additional highlight to our evening that we wish to share –

” Dancing Tango with the Stars”…….. raffle ( no money is involved).

You’ll be asked to enter the draw, at the time of your arrival, to dance with your favorite tango star ( 5 local stars to choose from…)  you must enter before 9 pm. Raffle will be drawn at 9:30 after the live music performance.

If you are wondering about the live music provided by the Tango Collusion Duo here is just a tiny snippet of their performance for us during our Tango Retreat in Marysville last November.

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