MPG’s happenings in August

MPG’s happenings in August

We knew for few moths that August was going to be busy hosting Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido, but as a late addition to our lineup for the month we also organized a Musicality Workshop with Keith Elshaw.

Keith started his working life as a radio DJ in Toronto, Canada, at the age of 13. Over the next 30 years he worked in radio presentation (DJ, advertising, voice-over etc.,) on Canadian and US radio. He then founded a recording studio (audio & video) in Toronto.

I was through his connection with the music world and North American entertainment industry that Tango found him. He became close friends with the cast from Tango Argentino (Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves, Gavito, Christina Rey, Gloria & Eduardo) and mixed with them for over 10 years.
In his words, “I’ve been privileged to learn from the best there ever has been – the people who kept tango alive in Argentina from 1954 onwards and then brought it out to the world. The people whose children we all are, in that sense”.

Next step in his professional life was to start DJing at various tango events and realized that he was in a position to digitally “clean up” some of the old recordings and bring them into today’s standards.

Our Musicality Workshop took place on the 16th August, just prior to our regular Practica and was very well received.

MPG Committee made a decision to purchase some of his restored tango music so we can use it for the the enjoyment of our members at our Practicas.

We had a few days off in between before we welcomed Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido into our midst. First time for both in Melbourne, arriving in a middle of really cold spell, however this did not stop them from delivering first class Seminars, workshops and beautiful performance at our Gala Milonga @ Buxton Hall.

Their Private lessons were booked out and all those who participated in any of the teaching offered spoke of the great delivery, the individual attention received to ensure that they would get the best out of their own dancing – knowledge shared professionally, with good humour and dedication – great time was had by all.

There is a small Gallery available, including couple of videos of their performances here

It was very busy, but satisfying month for MPG 🙂


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