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The Melbourne Practica Group was established to offer a quality practice environment and activities to promote good tango technique. We are a community run organisation open to all dancers in the community and visitors from interstate and overseas. MPG is an incorporated association, not-for-profit community group.  We have a constitution, an elected committee and community members. We generally hold our AGM each year in July to check progress, discuss the future, endorse the annual and financial reports and elect the next year’s committee members.

Introduction An association runs on volunteer effort, not just to share tasks but to harness the creativity of members.  One of the activities of the Group is the Sunday practica: at this point three times per month.  For these we need two community volunteers to share the role of hosting the event.  One will have the main responsibility for setting up the music equipment and playing music, the other will be responsible for supervising the venue, managing the cash box, taking entry and membership fees. The roles are flexible and both can share the task of greeting people, taking fees and cleaning and setting up. All members are invited to volunteer for the role of door host. As a host you do not pay for entry. The following outlines the requirements and responsibilities of these volunteer roles, which we will call DJ Host and Door Host.  Note that on some occasions other parties have booked right up to our start time or right after our finish time.  We may need to set up quickly and/or wind up 10 minutes early. We recommend you read the stated aims of MPG in our Rules of Association: Hyperlink… on the MPG website

Door Host

You are the face of MPG so please welcome people, especially newcomers.  Entry fees are $7 for non-members and for the time being no fee for members.  Recognised (established) teachers are extended free entry.  List of teachers on the “membership list. Annual membership costs $25 and $20 concession (students and concession card holders). The “cash box” includes: a cash float, an accounting form, receipt book, attendance form, membership application forms and fliers. You are responsible for opening the venue in good time to set up. Procedures:

  •        collect the “cash box” from the Treasurer or other committee member or arrange for them to be delivered to the venue 15 minutes before the start. Also arrange how to return the cash box to the Treasurer or other committee member. We recommend you at least organise this several days in advance.
  •          Ensure that the iPod in carry case is fully charged prior to Practica. In case of DJ running late or not being available you can use the pre-recorded play list to offer music in interim.       
  •          open the venue, sweep the floor, and set up the entry table. The DJ host can help you once the music equipment is set up.
  •        you are responsible for the safe-conduct of the practica so make sure there are no obstacles on the floor; no items which could fall on anyone and that any liquids on the floor are dried up.
  •        check the initial cash box total agrees with the enclosed accounting form.
  •        offer to display brochures on the table if a guest teacher is there.
  •        welcome people, take entry fees and accept membership applications and fees (only the latter need receipting). Ensure entrants are recorded on the attendance form (members are already printed and need only be ticked). NB established Melbourne teachers are admitted free of charge. The two hosts need not pay entry fees.
  •        once underway you can share the role with the DJ host.  Ensure the cash box is out of sight while not attended.
  •        towards the end of the practica count the cash box contents and record the amount on the accounting form and sign the form. Estimate the difference between start and finish amounts.  Then estimate takings from the attendance sheet and membership receipts. Check: initial balance + takings = final balance.
  •        at the end of the session, turn off all heaters and lights, make sure all equipment and belongings are collected, and lock the door. 
  •        hand the cash box Treasurer or to other committee member as arranged.

DJ Host

The musical emphasis is on traditional tango, but you are welcome to play good contemporary and Nuevo music in moderation: perhaps 3-4 tandas maximum during the session.  By good music we mean having some melody able to be followed, not repetitive rhythm only music. Please arrange your music in sets of 3 or 4 of the same genre, and composer or style. Cortinas are not necessary. As a guideline, a fairly standard mix is as follows:

  • Ø  4 x tango (composer/artist 1)
  • Ø  4 x tango (composer/artist 2)
  • Ø  4 x vals (composer/artist 1, 2 or x)
  • Ø  4 x tango (composer/artist 3)
  • Ø  4 x tango (composer/artist 4)
  • Ø  3 x milonga (composer artist 3, 4, x)
  • Ø  Repeat………

Centrestage Performing Arts School , where we hold our Practicas, has a built-in sound system and provides for an easy plug-in for iPods or Laptops.

Current Contact Details  

Role Name Email  
President Liz Pearse

Vice President Everard Tarascio  
Treasurer Caroline Lafargue  
Secretary Victor Bennetts  
Ordinary Committee Members TBC